Archaeological project and contract management

Depending on the scale or complexity, management of an archaeological research project can be appropriate.

Room for the River – Relocating the Lent Dyke

Room for the River was a government design plan intended to address flood protection, master landscaping and the improvement of environmental conditions in the areas surrounding the Netherlands' rivers. Within the framework of enlarging the basin of the river Waal near the town of Lent, an archaeological field evaluation by augering and trial trenching needed to be carried out in an area with the size of 86 hectares. In cooperation with the municipality of Nijmegen, multiple Terms of reference have been drafted as well as the project appraisal, planning and risk analysis.


Marc Zoutendijk

Park Lingezegen

During the development of a large agricultural and green area inbetween the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, the archaeological heritage management in various subareas has been guided. Work consisted of the drafting of Terms of reference for archaeological evaluations, project appraisals and specifications and handling tenders. In addition, contract management during the archaeological research took place.

Gouda Bolwerk

Prior to the construction of a hotel and underground parking garage in central Gouda, the remains of habitation and a convent from the Middle Ages were excavated. Part of the area was polluted due to a 19th century gas plant. Here I contributed to the tender and contract management as well as public outreach. During the project, leaflets with news and fun facts about the research and results were made and distributed.


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