Archaeological tenders

My first experience with tenders for archaeological research was in connection with a few large infrastructural projects; the railways Betuweroute, HSL zuid/A16 and Hanzelijn and the wastewater management site Afvalwaterzuivering Haagse Regio. Later I could apply the knowledge of archaeological heritage tenders during the development of green, industrial and residential areas, amongst others Cuijk de Nielt, Culemborg Parijsch, Ewijk Ecowieck and Park Lingezegen. I am associated with the Board of Tender experts, Ministry of Economic Affairs, regarding second opinions and consultancy regarding archaeological tenders.

Archaeological tenders Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

For a uniform approach in archaeological heritage tenders carried out by Rijkswaterstaat, work packages have been drafted to carry out desk-based assessments and archaeological field evaluations (augering, test trenches) on land and field survey for sediment under and above water. In addition, requirement specifications for archaeology and cultural history in a model contract have been updated. Also, a webpage regarding archaeological heritage and tenders has been drafted, consisting of background information about heritage management and tenders in relation to the procurement process. 

Jan Dijkstra

Mikko Kriek

Wijchen Oostflank

By commission of the municipality of Wijchen, a best quality-price ratio tender has been drafted and carried out, regarding the excavation of a complex site with settlement remains spanning the Neolithic, Bronze age, Roman age and Middle Ages. The research took place ahead of the development of an urban area. Tasks included the drafting of the tender guideline, determining the award criteria and related weighting and judgement of the entries.

Park 15

In connection with the development of an industrial area, a most economically advantageous tender has been carried out for trial trenches to define and value settlement remains dating from the late Neolithic – bronze age and the iron age – Roman age. Work consisted of drafting the terms of reference, the contract cost statement and project appraisal and determining the award criteria and related weighting and judgement of the entries.

ESRI Nederland, AHN


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