About D7 archaeology


After 17 years of work in the archaeological world Esther Mietes founded D7 archaeology and made a fresh start January 1st, 2016. D7 functions independently within a large network to contribute to archaeological heritage management in the Netherlands and abroad. It offers advice and project management, archaeological research and public outreach regarding national and international heritage.

Archaeological heritage management isn't a solitary task. It is one of many aspects playing a part in the development or maintenance of an area. For one participant documenting a Stone Age site is a goal in itself, for the other party it's about the realization of a multiyear development project in a financial healthy way. It's a maze of different visions of parties that in the end do have the same goal; to carry out a succesful project. 

National Museum of Antiquities, Glass negative D_0236, 1874

Clear and transparant archaeological advice

Van Giffen, 1927


My aim is to build a bridge between these visions and contribute to archaeological projects running smoothly within the bigger picture. Smooth in the sense of a clear notion of costs and planning, sound archaeological research, a solution oriented approach towards unexpected situations, clear communication and an open, constructive attitude towards all parties and stakeholders. To bring a project towards a good ending, for everybody. 


D7 is a megalithic monument near Schipborg in the province of Drenthe. Due to the isolated setting in nature reserve De Strubben-Kniphorstbos, rare mosses like Andreaea rupestris and Racomitrium heterostichum have had the opportunity to develop on the stones. The beauty of nature and culture: special mosses and a special archaeological monument.


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